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Welcome to Grey Feather Farm

This we believe …

“The Purebred Breeder”

What you have here, in reality, is an art show. And the finest artists anywhere have brought their masterpieces here to be judged.

Here is an art that is neither modern nor abstract – but a fine art requiring more patience than that of a Michelangelo. Here the artist struggles against the incessant drag of the species … inherited mediocrity, the insidious handicap of unexpected disease, the mysterious disruption of unexplained endocrine imbalance, the frustration of fate when the sex of the descendant is other than desired.

The stroke of the artist’s brush can be removed or altered but the commitment of conception and the unseen mysterious pairing of genes built up through generations is irrevocable, the return on that decision hidden from view for months, the final return for years.

Here is a gamble where man stakes not only a few worldly goods but that most precious of all possessions – his life.

All this in the pursuit of perfection – not for profit alone but for the sheer satisfaction that accrues to those who struggle against great odds and succeed …

~William D. Knox (1970)


Grey Feather FarmWe are excited to present our new logo and farm name of GREY FEATHER. Jim and Terri Kipp are the proud owners and operators of Grey Feather Farm. Many people know us as Kipp Farms BelgiansShires, and Shropshires, which we previously used for 10+ years. Our decision to change our business name was prompted by our new farm location; and to avoid misrepresentation or conflict with others who are using Kipp Farms (with no affiliation to our business).

Grey Feather is a purebred breeder of Belgian and Shire draft horses, and Shropshire sheep. We believe in our Belgians, Shires, and Shropshires. With integrity and dedication, we believe in our commitment to this business. We invite you to take a look …