About Us

Jim and Terri KippGreetings!

We are excited to present our new logo and farm name of GREY FEATHER. Jim and Terri Kipp are the proud owners and operators of Grey Feather Farm. Many people know us as Kipp Farms Belgians, Shires, and Shropshires, which we previously used for 10+ years. Our decision to change our business name was prompted by our new farm location; and to avoid misrepresentation or conflict with others who are using Kipp Farms (with no affiliation to our business).

Jim Kipp

We devote our full-time efforts in our farm business to produce and promote quality purebred genetics of our sheep and horses. We take great pride in honest pedigrees and home-bred livestock. Jim has a B.S. degree in Animal Science and previously was an Agricultural Lender for 40 years. He started with registered Shropshires and Belgians at the age of only 6 years old, with animals handed down by his parents, Hubert and Hertha Kipp. Jim truly followed their footsteps; he continued on his own with the registered Shropshire sheep and Belgian draft horses. Terri has a Financial Services degree and brings 25+ years of Administrative experience to the business; as well as her many years of working with horses, including Shires. As a young girl, she and her family owned riding horses. Together, Jim and Terri have built and developed a successful livestock business with their backgrounds, knowledge and expertise.

We are very fortunate to work closely with an exceptional support team of our veterinarians, nutritionist, farriers, sheep shearers, fellow breeders, and many other agricultural professionals. Our thanks go out to the special family members and friends that have genuinely helped and supported us along the way too.

Jim and Terri Kipp WinnersExhibiting our sheep and horses in local, state, and national competition is a major component of our marketing plan. Winning an individual class or championship greatly enhances the value of our sale animals. As part of our business, we market our animals by consigning to reputable sales throughout the Midwest. In addition, we offer private sales at our farm. If you are looking for a new show or breeding prospect, we welcome you to our farm. Our breed of sheep makes great fair and 4-H projects for kids, as well.

Feel free to call and make arrangements to come visit us!