The Farm


You will find us working diligently at our farm 365 days a year; whether it’s daily care and feeding of the animals, training and preparation for shows and sales, or maintenance of our property and equipment. We always have tasks at hand.  


Grey Feather Farm is a diversified livestock operation, which consists of a registered Shropshire sheep flock and a herd of registered Belgian and Shire draft horses. Our farm is nestled on 80 acres in the beautiful countryside of Vernon County, Wisconsin. Viroqua is a popular tourist area, located 30 miles Southeast of LaCrosse. Just a mile past our farm is Duck Egg County Forest; this is a 707 acre county owned, nature based recreation property where hiking and horseback riding is allowed. Vernon County has an array of agricultural operations, including dairy, livestock, cash crops, and vineyards. It is one of the most concentrated organic farming areas in the USA.


Grey Feather’s acreage produces our alfalfa hay, oats and straw needs. In addition, corn and soy beans are planted in the crop rotation. The 80 acres has approximately 62 acres tillable, with the remaining acres in pasture, woods, and building site. Since we moved here in 2012, our crop yields have been above expectation.


We are home to 92 sheep at this time; 20 horses (16 Belgians, 3 Shires, and 1 Quarter horse, Flash Connection); our beloved dog-child, Calla; and our 7 barn cats, who are very helpful. As our business emphasis is for purebred breeding prospects, the majority of our animals are brood ewes and rams, as well the brood mares and stallions. The flock of sheep we maintain is 35 brood ewes, 3 stud rams, and 8-10 yearling ewes and rams. Our annual lamb crop usually numbers 60 to 70 head. The herd of horses consists of 11 mares, 3 fillies, 2 stallions, 1 stud colt, and 3 geldings.

As we stated, both our sheep and horses are shown in competition for confirmation and correct breed type. Our horses are also driven in hitch classes to demonstrate their ability. We have proudly shown our horses in the registered classes of cart, team, unicorn, 4-horse hitch, and 6-horse hitch with our bred and owned Belgian mares. The Shires have competed in the past too. For further information on our breeds and pedigrees, please check out our ANIMALS page.

“There’s No Place Like Home” …