Belgian draft horsesBelgians have been a traditional family favorite since 1950. They were originally used as a source of power for farming. Our emphasis continues and has been to produce the pedigrees of outstanding purebred horses, with correct confirmation and the ability to excel as a hitch horse. With the quality pedigrees our horses have, we may have something you are looking for. We usually have a nice selection of Belgian horses for sale. If you have an interest in a specific pedigree, we may consider breeding one of our mares to your stallion selection. Contact us for particulars. Thanks to all those who purchased from us in the past.

Here are our current Belgian draft horses (more detailed information can be viewed by clicking on the name)

Hidden Creek Firestone – Senior Stallion (April 19, 2004)

J.K. Tribute to Doctor – Junior Stallion (March 1, 2012)

Smith’s Jay Jay Queen – RETIRED Show/Brood Mare (April 29, 1995)

Pahl’s Daisy Duke – Brood Mare/Retired Show Mare (January 13, 2002)

J.K. Reba – Brood Mare/Retired Show Mare (March 30, 2002)

Oak Haven’s Nikki – Brood Mare/Retired Show Mare (February 28, 2004)

J.K. Ann – Show Mare/Brood Mare (April 30, 2005)

Green Meadows Dolly – Show Mare/Brood Mare (February 20, 2007)

Creek Side Savanna – Show Mare/Brood Mare (May 6, 2007)

Buck Creek Ashley – Show Mare/Brood Mare (April 4, 2009)

J.K. Extreme Diva – Show Mare/Future Brood Mare (March 23, 2010)

J.K. Extreme Envy – Show Mare/Future Brood Mare (April 30, 2010)

J.K. Tuff – Gelding (June 16, 2010)

J.K. R Rayna – Filly (March 22, 2014)

J.K. Lord Leo – Stud Colt (April 18, 2014)

J.K. Exclamation Emmy – Filly (May 28, 2014)


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